Learn How These Apps Can Help You Save Money On Dining Out

Looking at how technology has taken the world by storm, it is no surprise that the days of loyalty cards and coupons are (almost) over. From clothes, appliances, home decors, and groceries to fresh food delivered to our doorsteps, we as consumers can testify the great impact of digitization on our daily lives. And what makes apps more exciting, aside from we can easily get our food delivered with a touch of button, is the endless rewards, discounts, and freebies that we can avail by simply using the app. So, maybe dining out less and cooking more is no longer the most budgeting advice that we can hear these days.

Good news, there’s a wide variety of apps that you can download from the App Store, Google Play, or both. While some apps are tinkered by huge brands like Starbucks and Wholefoods, others will give you a long list of their partnering local and high-end restaurants with accurate reviews from previous customers to help you choose better. Here are some of the best apps to use when looking for great food at less prices.


OpenTable is the leading global app for making reservations. The app provides a table where you can find a number of fine-dining restaurants, as they’re the only ones that accept reservations anyway. This app lets you explore restaurants by preference (party-size, date, cuisine, time, price, or distance) and view their menus, photos, and reviews. Some perks include reward points that you can use towards your next delicious meal and the most convenient way to make reservations for free.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is best for home delivery services. With this app, you can browse nearby restaurants, search for food by name, restaurant, cuisine, or diet, and choose from a wide variety of food from burgers and burritos to your favourite Chinese food. You can track your food order by a map and see the estimated time of delivery. The main goal of this app is to bring the restaurant food at home so you can skip the line and paid reservations.


BigDish is a Philippine-based food platform that offers all-time, everyday discounts. So, if this app is not yet installed to your smartphone, you are missing out a lot of perks including up to 50% discounts that may apply to every food item on the restaurant’s menu. By simply using this app, booking a table, and confirming your reservation, you are eligible for several discounts. Take note that the discount you receive is based on the time of your booking. So, let’s say you made a reservation at 12 noon so you will get a 20% discount on your bill (for example). Alternatively, if you made a reservation at 2 PM, the app can offer up to 50% of your total bill. But the list of perks goes on as this app also gives out vouchers for free desserts, snacks, and more.


Groupon offers a different way of giving discounts in the form of cash backs. Although this app is not only intended for food but also for shopping, lodging, and more. When booking a reservation, customers will pay in advance and receive a wine tasting, food item, or credit toward the bill. To get a cash back and claim a 30% discount, you will have to link your debit or credit card to your Groupon account and then use that card at the restaurant so you won’t have to present a voucher on your next meal.


Restaurant.com gives you a long list of great deals from local, independent, and neighbourhood restaurants. You can also purchase a 25-dollar gift certificate that you can use in your preferred restaurant at only $10. Plus, certificates do not expire so you can use it even in the next years to come. It also offers a Dining Discount Pass to over a hundred of national food chains like McDonald’s and Domino’s Pizza that is valid for six months. So, you can consider this app as a digital coupon booklet.