When going on a trip, we want to make it as comfortable as possible and not worry about anything. There are many ways to do this. Imagine that you are a youngster who decided to set off to Miami with friends. The very first solution that will make your trip easier is car rentals under 21, with which you can freely move around the island.

However, this is not enough to provide the full convenience. Today you’ll find many useful electronic devices on the market, and some of them can maintain the right balance of comfort on your trip.

  1. PowerCube Multi Outlet

Price: from $18.95

Wherever you are – at home or traveling to another country, alone or with your family, you will almost always have several gadgets with you. The more actively you use them, the more often they need to be charged. And, as a rule, all gadgets need to be recharged at the same time.

Allocacoc offers an excellent solution to this problem. The PowerCube device is a modern modification of a familiar outlet with only a plenty of advantages. PowerCube is a multi-outlet with five outputs. Due to the shape of the cube, the gadget is quite compact and stylish.

The device is attached to the countertop by using a special stand, which is glued with double-sided tape. Some PowerCube models come with interchangeable plugs for different types of outlets. Also, there’s a model where two USB port are placed instead of a conventional outlet. The gadget is convenient to use at home and it’s just a godsend for travelers who always need one or two outlets in the hotel room.
  • TP-LINK TL-PB10400 PowerBank

Price: from $30

It’s difficult to find a person who wouldn’t encounter a situation when the phone is discharged at the most inopportune moment, and there is no outlet nearby. A person, who actively uses a smartphone, just can’t do without powerbank. Given that in many countries there is high-speed Internet – travelers’ smartphone battery will die even faster.

The TP-LINK TL-PB10400 powerbank has a capacity of 10400 mAh, which allows you to charge your smartphone from two to four times depending on battery capacity. The device is made of plastic in the form of an elongated tetrahedral prism. A nice feature: in order to start charging, just connect the rechargeable device to one of the two connectors.

This is especially convenient when the battery is in your bag or pocket and only the cable is out. The device is equipped with two USB ports and a built-in flashlight.

  • Xiaomi Smart Scales

Price: from $50

Following refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and other household appliances, scales become smart too. Xiaomi Smart Scales are compatible with devices running Android 4.4 and older, as well as iOS 7.0 and older, and are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0.

Smart Scales connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Information is displayed in the MiFit application. When getting on the scales, you can’t onlycheck the result of weighing. In addition to weight, the program displays a body mass index. This is especially useful if you want to keep your body in perfect parameters even on a long trip.All data is automatically transferred to the smartphone. The device measures weight from 5 to 150 kg.

It’s made of white plastic and covered with strong glass. The scales look very interesting and stylish, thus they are unlikely to spoil the interior of the room.
  • Orvibo S20 Smart Wi-Fi Socket

Price: from $32

Orvibo S20 is similar to an ordinary outlet, however, with an ideal design that will delight the eye of even the most demanding aesthetes. Manufacturers have taught a lot of this device. When synchronizing with a smartphone, it can remotely turn on and off lighting and electrical appliances with a total power of up to 2 kW.

For example, when you drive home from work in winter, you can turn on the heater remotely on the way. In addition, the outlet supports a device timer. With it, you can set the time to turn on and off home appliances.

Also, Orvibo S20 will be a real salvation for those who often can’t remember if the iron is turned off at home. If the extension cord through which the iron is turned on is connected to a smart outlet, then through the application on the smartphone you can see whether it’s turned on or not.
  • OnHub Wi-Fi Router

Price: from $200

There are situations when you need to quickly send an email or download an important file, but Wi-Fi doesn’t work well. Usually a Wi-Fi router looks ugly and is hidden somewhere under a table, behind a door or in another room at all. This is partly why routers give a weak signal.

The new OnHub router from Google is made in the form of a glass, expanding upward, while the antennas are hidden inside. Google manufacturers believe that thanks to such a design and technological solution, the router will always stand in a prominent place and choose the best channel for wireless Internet connection.

You can also make one of the devices a priority – a tablet or laptop will get the highest connection speed. The new OnHub Wi-Fi router can be controlled through the Google application, available on Android and iOS.

Modern technology makes our life easier, especially when it comes to travel. Smart gadgets are designed to make the trip as hassle-free as possible, and those devices that we talked about fully meet this criterion. Of course, today you can find many more interesting devices and choose exactly what you need.