In early March, Matt Southern was one of the first to learn about new features in the application Instagram: Local Business Profile Page.

I highly recommend that you read this article because it explains the earliest examples and insights about this new feature in the Instagram library.

This local business page is basically in line with the local knowledge fields of Google and Instagram. A lot of the information displayed is different from what you find in your Google My Business account.

Before you request your local business account on Instagram, it’s far from the official announcement. Not every user can see a local business account on Instagram, let alone claims.

They must have come and this small leak confirmed this.

Although we cannot yet display a separate page on the profile of a local company, we can prepare when this spread becomes wider and more official.

See local business pages on Instagram

Before we start, let’s do some biology in high school and through one of these pages to better understand the anatomy and what is in one of the profiles of the local business.

The easiest way to display basic information about a company is:

● Address.
● Business category or type.
● Hours.
● Price range.
● Website.
● Phone number.

We also see Instagram accounts for business accounts, photo / profile icons and some posts.

I dug a little and found that these were the three most recent contributions to the profile.

This shows that the video thumbnail is not included in the selection of the three most recent posts. Only images are counted! It’s important to know that most content creators turn everything into video.

After better understanding the work section of the local Instagram profile, we can start preparing.

Check your Facebook company profile

At the top right corner of the aRoqa screen we see the “Claim” button. South stated, “Users can claim company profile pages if they have access to a Facebook business page.”

On one side, it was a sigh of relief. This ensures that the company has control over who can claim their local business account on Instagram.

We can also assume that this basic information will be extracted from our business page on Facebook. In this way, you want to double check that all this information is current and correct.

Basic steps? Of course, but I have no doubt that you will find old errors or information in your account today.

This is especially true for companies with more than one location, because this can cause confusion when IG takes information. Your business in Boston can get information about New York. Olele!

See more what you post on Instagram

It is not clear whether the company can attach pictures to the three slots displayed on the local profile, or whether the last three photos published are always displayed.

Suppose the latter leads to a very interesting dilemma in terms of what you post on your company page.

The first picture is big; We have beautiful views of the bar in the background and delicious cocktails in the foreground.

The average picture, without showing us anything related to food, drink, or restaurant atmosphere, is not terrible. This shows that this is a good place for the March Madness game, which can be very interesting for someone who is looking for a local restaurant on Instagram.

When companies prepare for Instagram’s local business profile page, it is very important for them to think about their current social media audience and use this tool to attract new customers.

This means we have to be careful about every post and message you send.

This is a thorough investigation of what is being published, and currently includes three new posts displayed on your local profile.

Make it a habit to publish Instagram stories

The Instagram Local Account page does not provide much space for business owners to attract visitors.

In addition to these three latest photos, business can only be assessed based on basic information.

This makes the publication of ordinary Instagram stories more important.

IG users often check history rather than profile pages, especially when surfing. If you click on an account you must return to the page that was previously viewed.

But Instagram stories, do not interfere with surfing. When the story ends or the user sees it, it immediately returns to the content that it is viewing.

Put yourself in the shoes of Instagram users who see local businesses:

  • Do you want to click on each profile to learn more and then return to the local map?
  • Or do you prefer to see a few stories and assess each company in this way without having the barriers to surfing?

Many users choose the second option. How do you know that?

Because Instagram stories are very popular.

According to Instagram, more than 500 million user accounts watch Instagram stories every day. According to Instagram, more than 500 million active accounts in one day.

We can all count them.

Needless to say, Instagram officially introduces this new feature as a local business that you want.

Start by redesigning your Instagram post strategy with the tips above to make sure you are more than willing to request a profile page for your local company.